Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead Upcoming Movie

vampire academy[1]

I discovered that Richelle Mead’s famous series Vampire Academy is being produced right now. I’ve been hearing a lot about the series, and from what I heard it is a fantastic series. I sadly have not read it yet. It is going into my summer reading list! The movie is supposed to be out by next February on Valentines Day. They have also already picked out the cast.

I found this exciting information from Sarah’s Reviews. You can see the cast on her blog.

I feel like I need to bring up Twilight’s tragedy. And by tragedy I mean the fact that the movies gave the books a bad wrap. The Twilight Saga was (in my opinion) one of the best series I’ve ever read. Right along with The Maximum Ride series, The House of Night series, and a couple others I’m forgetting at the moment. My point is, when the Twilight movies came out, I was not proud to say that it was one of the most favorite series of mine. But I do have all of the Twilight movies, even though I dislike the way they did everything, I am still a twilight lover. So I had to get the movies.

I pray to God that the Vampire Academy movie does not end up like Twilight. And I advice that all of the booklovers out there pray with me.

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