Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

saving-ceecee-honeycutt121[1]So I finished the book yesterday morning. Yay!

Twelve year old Cecilia is whisked away to Savannah by her Aunt Tootie  when her psychotic mother is hit by an ice cream truck and dies.

That was a crappy review :p I’m blaming it on sleep. I recommend this to anyone who likes to read precious books. It was a “looking through rose colored glasses” type thing. But the book made me laugh at parts then almost cry at others. It also kept me interested throughout the whole book so I would say it’s a pretty good book.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


If there’s one thing I’d like most for you, it’s that you’ll find your calling in life. That’s where true happiness and purpose lies… You’ll never be fulfilled if you don’t”

I just wanted to say that part inspired me. I didn’t like how CeeCee never told Miz Goodpepper about the pictures she took of Violene’s bra. My favorite character is probably Miz Goodpepper I like her outlook on life and how she treats everything with respect.  It also didn’t make sense when Oletta and CeeCee were at the beach and Oletta’s friend hit the guy with the rocks, why didn’t they take back their stuff he stole before they left?? That part kind of sucked. Anyways, other than that the book entertained me!

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