Memories With Maya by Clyde Dsouza Review

17569194[1]Goodreads Review: Dan’s work involves creating commercially viable AR solutions. The recession and an explosion of data-cops is drying out his streams of income.
He turns to close friend, Krish, a researcher in Artificial Intelligence, in the hope that they can come up with ideas for the Entertainment market. His girlfriend, Maya, and her family return to their homeland after her father passes away.

Dan and Maya continue their relationship via Dirrogates (Digital Surrogates), experiencing human touch through haptics. Krish gets a job at the prestigious A.I.R.I. Using AIRI’s lab, Krish and Dan, create an advanced visor with Augmented Intelligence built in.
They dub it “Wizer”. A Board member at AIRI sees potential in the Wizer other than what Dan and Krish have in mind.

At a test in a nightclub, things go wrong… Can the Wizer “insure memories” and be a catalyst to accelerate the journey toward eventual Singularity?

My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

My Thoughts: The book’s pace was reallyyyy slow. It only took the meaning of the title half was through the book. At page 133 was the climax, this is where it actually got to-read worthy. I think the book was more about Dan’s project than it was about Maya. Though the second half of the book interpreted Maya in his project. I try not to give low ratings but this just wasn’t the book for me.

The fact that the book was based on hard science was  cool, though. I have to admit.



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