Lyric River by Mac Griffith

17621615[1]Goodreads Review: Ben Wallace moves to a small Colorado mountain town with Sarah, his young daughter. Ben is a skeptic, but he doesn’t mind renting his attic room to someone claiming to be God, especially since this God is troubled by his own grave doubts. Ben does not even mind that God mooches beer and is indifferent about paying the rent. Ben is less concerned with God’s aggravating ways than he is with figuring out how it might be okay to leave one woman he loves for another woman he loves. Ben’s marriage to Karen, volatile, ambitious child of the city, is fraying, and the unraveling quickens when he meets Megan, serene child of the mountains, child of a crazy, murdered father. Ben navigates the turbulent end of his relationship with Karen, falling in love with Megan, and rearing Sarah. Megan’s brother violently opposes the relationship between Ben and Megan, for reasons buried in their childhood. Ben and Megan are forced to journey into the abandoned mine that contains these childhood secrets, igniting a dangerous confrontation.

My Rating: 3 out  of 5 Stars

My Thoughts: This book is slow pace. You have to be very patient to read it. It really makes you think, I had to re-read paragraphs multiple times to understand it. It is a very inspiring book. Though the plot could have been a bit more interesting. The book was a tad bit bland, but the characters humor and sense of life in the whole made the book more fun to read. That is why I kept reading it and decided not to put it down. The author kind of dragged the story on. In the end it was a good book, I didn’t really regret reading it.

Everybody needs a woman like Iris in their lives. She is the type of person to tell you straight out what’s wrong. And what you need to do to fix it. She is the person that always has your back. My favorite character in this book is a three way tie between Iris, Sarah, and Megan. I believe Megan is my favorite because of all of the things she has been through. And she was still trying to carry on.


First of all what really got me thinking was that the book is written in a years length. Why didn’t anyone have any birthdays?

“Don’t talk to me. You think I don’t know you’re fucking some slut librarian. Phony bastard. Mr. Upright. Mr. High and Mighty”

This is another thing, right from the beginning I didn’t like Karen. I didn’t get how Ben couldn’t see through her. Especially after she throws things at him. And re-reading the paragraph it seems like that happens a lot. And a little bit after the incident Sarah comes home and immediately blames her mother for the damage. THEN, punches her. Sarah is a good girl.

Ben suggested that she could have the rest of the gruel if he could have he candy bar. Megan said that she would find her squirrel and have him hack Ben to death with his broadsword if Ben touched her candy bar. Ben threatened to eat the squirrel. Ben was sentenced to wash pots and spoons in the icy stream to help him learn not to be such a jerk.

Playful banter amongst the young lovers. This is what had me keep reading the story.

Megan got there first, to a place between Tyler’s gun and the people she loved, and in that place, Tyler shot her.

NO. I hated this. How dare Grffith take away Ben’s true love right after he’s made themselves permanent. Right after he proposed?? And then have Megan go out with a joke? Megan did not deserve to die. Tyler is supposed to be in jail! Just no.


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