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Goodbye To You
by A.J. Matthews
Release Date: 07/01/14
Swoon Romance
New Adult

Summary from Goodreads:GOODBYE_TO_YOU
Europe? Nope. Mexico? Nope. Key West?

Not me. This summer, I’m playing nursemaid to my sister. Yeah, I know. Relatively good looking twenty-two-year-olds don’t spend the summer bedside in the cancer ward, but that’s the plan – until my sister threatens me with bodily harm unless I get on the plane.

That’s when I met him. He likes me. Really likes me. But more than that, he loves my boobs — like can’t get enough. I have no idea how to tell him that they’ll be gone soon. Courtesy of a preventative double mastectomy. Yep. That’s what testing positive for the breast cancer gene mutation will do to a girl.

But don’t feel sorry for me. I’m enjoying him, holding on until the last possible minute, while I muster up the strength to tell him, and watch him walk away.

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About the Author
I wrote my first book at six. A retelling of The Three Little Pigs, illustrated by my grandmother, the book was never picked up and was self-published instead, glued to cardboard with a cover fashioned from wallpaper scraps.aj matthews

Today, I write stories featuring nice guys (or nice guys in-the-making) in between my other jobs writing research reports for a commercial real estate company, refereeing two young daughters, navigating the teen waters with a too-cute-for-his-own-good son, spoiling a neurotic cat, and making my darling, patient husband shake his head. I’m also an autism mom, chocolate enthusiast, sports-watcher, nacho-eater, and beer-drinker.

A Maryland native, I live in North Carolina now, but dreams of the beach fuel my fantasties, and my characters can often be found strolling in the sand or sailing along a coast.

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Book Humor

I know I haven’t been posting. So to make it up to you guys, here is a little book humor. I came across this on Google earlier while looking for a bookshelf to use for a project I’m working on in my InDesign class. (Yay for college classes!!)

I’m making a magazine. I chose to make a magazine about young adult books! You don’t see those when you’re scanning through the magazine section at the store. And what better way to find out what to read next than subscribing to “Tome Terrene”?? (That’s my magazine’s name) I’ll post a couple pictures when I’m done with the project to show you lovelies how I did!

Onto the book humor! Here’s the image I saw.

It’s a human bookshelf. 🙂 The comments are even funnier:

  1. Top Shelf vs. Gravity??

  2. Richard Davies

    Is this shelf available from IKEA? I bet it’s a bugger to put together.


  3. Beth Carswell

    haha! Yes, it’s called the Noödie Shelf.

  4. Yes, This is certainly an alarming gadget to have in my collection. Does anyone have aconclusion where I can purchase it? Any guidance?

  5. I’m almost afraid to ask what they’d use as a book stopper…

  6. Beshly says hi. It’s creepy. If I was to wake up every morning to that, I would be disturbed. Very disturbed. Reminds me of the concentration camps…

  7. Richard Davies

    What would happen if you placed a hot cup of coffee on this bookshelf?



    I hope you guys enjoyed the book humor! 

Review: Every Day by David Levithan

Goodreads Description: Every day a different body. Every day a different life. Every day in love with the same girl.

dThere’s never any warning about where it will be or who it will be. A has made peace with that, even established guidelines by which to live: Never get too attached. Avoid being noticed. Do not interfere.

It’s all fine until the morning that A wakes up in the body of Justin and meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon. From that moment, the rules by which A has been living no longer apply. Because finally A has found someone he wants to be with—day in, day out, day after day

My Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

My Review:  I’m rating this a static 3 because I really do not know what to think about it. It’s a VERY interesting storyline a little bit like David Levithan + Andrea Cremer’s “Invisible”(click for my review on it) . But the pace was a little bit too slow for me, throughout half the book I just wanted answers. And answers I did not get. At least not until the last quarter of the book. But I still wouldn’t classify those as answers.
Let me give you an example of what I’m trying to portray. I took a picture. The picture (or book) is super blurry and pixelated. As I fix this picture(or go through the book) it becomes less pixelated and more clear. Slowly but surely. Now about less than a quarter way until the end of the book is the climax of the clearness. Throughout the rest of the book I get no more answers. The end of the book has left you hanging. The picture is still blurry!!

As I was reading other people’s reviews I noticed that mostly everyone liked the book as a standalone. I, however, would love to know who the “others” are and what happens to A. I want to know what happens with Rhiannon! I want a happy ending.. or not. I don’t care. I just want an ending.. an acceptable one.

The Fault In Our Stars Movie Review

Ok so I know the title says review, but now that I think of it, I would not classify this as a review. The movie sucked so bad it doesn’t deserve to be classified as a review. Now I read the book at the beginning of the year, and I fell in love. “I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once.” But really, I was John Green’s number one fan for the next 6 months. Even read my review!

That ended as soon as I spent the first 40 minutes inside the movie theater. Me, my best friend, and my boyfriend spent the whole movie infuriated half the time and making fun of Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters the other half. The only part that I liked about that horrid movie was that I got to watch the beautiful Shailene Woodley for 126 minutes. 

AND what really got me was that they HAD TO choose the Divergent siblings, Tris and Caleb, to play as star-crossed lovers in this incest movie. I would definitely chose for them to be brother and sister instead of bf gf. *shivers*

The producers seem to do this a lot. Make opposites suddenly attract. Take The Spectacular Now for example. Divergent characters Peter Hayes and Tris Prior are ENEMIES. In The Spectacular Now (released a while before Divergent was) made Miles Teller (Peter) and Shailene Woodley (Tris) LOVERS. How disgusting is that? What’s even worse is that he was STiLL an asshole. He’s a dickfart in both movies! We just can’t win…

I’d love to hear your opinion about tfios or anything related book to movie! Comment!

Book Blitz: This Summer + Giveaway

This Summer
Release Date: 07/09/14
Carina UK
Summary from Goodreads:
Before college, before responsibilities, Hadley Beauman and best friend Lily are determined to have a summer to remember. There will be all the usual dramas – ex-boyfriends who don’t seem to know what ‘ex’ means, pesky younger brothers with unrequited crushes, but what Hadley didn’t anticipate was the out-of-the-blue return of the seriously hot boy-next-door, Will Carson. The boy who broke her heart when he skipped town two years ago.
Will may have shot up a foot and filled out (oh yes), but inside he carries the weight of guilt – for leaving, for coming back… Now he’s just passing through to tie up loose ends but it’s clear the old chemistry still crackles between him and Hadley. Trouble is, it’s built on two years of lies…

This summer might just be the best time of their lives, but is Hadley ready for everything to change – again?


Available from:

Amazon * Amazon UK * iBooks * Kobo Books



About the Author

Katlyn Duncan was born and raised in a small town in western Massachusetts. Her overactive imagination involved invisible friends, wanting to be a Disney Princess and making up her own stories. Her bibliophile mom always encouraged her love of reading and that stayed with her since. Even though she works full time in the medical field Katlyn has always made time for books, whether she is reading or writing them.

Katlyn now lives in southern Connecticut with her husband and adorable Wheaten Terrier and she is thrilled to finally share her stories with the world.
Author Links:
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Blog Tour/Review: Tarot: The Magician by Tim Kane


After discovering an ancient tarot deck, Kassandra Troy’s life takes a thrilling and frightening turn. She triggers The Magician card and releases the mysterious and captivating Luke Rykell.


Luke has a dark secret. He wants the magical deck for himself. To save herself and her friends, Kassandra is forced to journey into the Tarot cards. But can she find a way out of the deck unscathed or will the darkness which follows her destroy them all?

My rating:3.5 out of 5 Stars

My Review:
This book has taken me through a journey with Kassandra… that I may or may not forget. Nonetheless, I was happy I got to go.

Starting with positive, the events in the book were very memorable. They are slightly creepy, although it might just be me. But if you are very easily scared (like thou) then you should take this into consideration. I haven’t read a book dealing with a Tarot deck (that is, if The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones doesn’t count). So for reading my first, it was pretty exhilarating! I think this is a perfect first. I’ve always been interested in astrology, tarot cards, and even paganism (though I would never practice it!). I have a deck of tarot cards but it is “the garden variety type” and I know little about them. I’m also glad the cover resembles the book, and the features of the girl on the cover are similar Kassandra.

On to the negative, I didn’t feel sad for the main character when negative things happened. She seemed human but it didn’t seem right. I felt like Kassandra might have been leaning towards the flat side of the character rather than being rounded. We didn’t really learn a lot about her, though fragments showed up throughout the book. Gabriel (who I absolutely loved) seemed more rounded than Kassandra did, despite his short appearance in the book. And the end was poorly written. That character was the worse. She showed no compassion, she was very annoying. And it ended up leaving a bad feeling for me.


People never talked about him dying. Instead they got all weepy and switched subjects. As if avoiding the topic would somehow make everything smiles and sunshine. It didn’t. When someone disappears, it’s like unraveling a sweater. Cut one strand, and the whole thing falls apart.


Kassandra caught a glimpse of her tangled hair in the mirror of Mom’s dresser. She looked frayed and disconnected—a lump of useless yarn who once was a girl.


Shaking her head, she scrounged through the cluttered bottles of nail polish, searching for a wadded up bill. Mom had to be good for a ten or twenty. No way was she going to borrow from Auntie Jo. Not again. Just a couple of new killer tops would make her grungy jeans work. School started tomorrow and Kassandra dreaded it. Kids never talked to the new girl. Especially the one with a lousy wardrobe.


The dresser reeked of cigarette smoke. At least if she found some money, it’d be one less dollar Mom could spend on cancer sticks. Kassandra’s fingers brushed a scrap of paper. Snatching it, her fishnet glove snagged on a bottle, sending the nail polish tumbling to the carpet with a clunk. The top popped off and red liquid oozed onto the café au lait carpet.


She scrunched her face. So not how she planned it. Kassandra eyed the crinkled paper in one hand. A lousy receipt.


Morning light shimmered off the puddle, already soaking into the carpet. Kassandra looped a blond curl over one ear and, yanking a handful of tissues from the box, dropped to the floor. Her bare knees brushed the carpet, the holes in her jeans from actual wear and tear and not fashionable rips. She so needed a new pair.


“Kassandra?” Auntie Jo’s voice glided down the hallway. “You coming, sugar?”


Kassandra’s heart kicked into high gear. She was supposed to be getting ready in her own room, not rummaging through Mom’s. “Sure, in a sec.”


The sticky bottle of nail polish went in the trash. Mom wouldn’t miss it. She had enough shades to create her own color chart at Home Depot. Kassandra dabbed at the spill with a wadded up tissue and then sat back to inspect the stain. The red blob was a stop sign smeared onto the carpet. Kassandra dumped a bottle of nail polish remover on the spot, sending up a wave of bitter fumes. The splotch, now pink, still drenched the carpet. She dragged over the throw rug by the bed and tossed it across the stain. Good enough.


Kassandra dashed down a hall lined with photos of unknown relatives and flew through her door just as Auntie Jo rounded the corner. The woman wore an Egyptian shawl draped over a wide body the color of deep mahogany. A purple scarf reigned in her tightly curled afro.


“The morning is young and thy chariot shan’t wait forever.” Auntie Jo waved one arm as if she were some kind of royalty.


Buy Links: Amazon       Midnight Frost Books


About the Author:

Tim Kane grew up in Southern California watching Toho movies and reading H.G. Wells. He has not lost faith in the sanity of the world. He studied writing as the University of California San Diego and has amused readers with many short stories. His first published book, The Changing Vampire of Film and Television, analyzes the past seventy years of vampires. He lives and teaches in Chula Vista, California, with his spectacular wife, daughter, and a dog that stands upside down. He enjoys traveling to the dark places of his mind and bringing back souvenirs. He hopes you have enjoyed this brief tour of his life.


Author Links: Site       Facebook        Twitter


Launch Tour: The Keepers: Declan by Rae Rivers

The Keepers: Declan – Rae Rivers Launch Tour + Giveaway! Declan Tour Banner

To see my post for The Keepers: Archer click, here.

 The Keepers: Declan, the book fans have been eagerly awaiting, is finally here! We’re celebrating the release of the second book in Rae Rivers’ paranormal romance series today with a launch tour and giveaway. Find out all the details and be sure to get your entries in to win a copy of Archer, the first book of The Keepers.

  Declan CoverWhat they say:  ‘“You lied to me, misled me, attacked me,” Declan murmured, dipping his head toward hers, “but what we had three months ago wasn’t fake, was it?” Kate’s gaze faltered to his lips, heat pulsing between them. But she didn’t deny it. Declan Bennett has zero tolerance for thieves. He and his brothers, the Keepers, are fiercely protective of their witch, Sienna, and their privacy. So when Kate Carrigan breaks into their estate, he’ll be damned if he lets the little wildcat get away with it – especially after she seduced him three months ago, leaving him buck-naked in a New Orleans hotel. Declan wants payback – and some answers. Before she was murdered, Kate’s mother ingrained it in her not to trust anyone.  Kate’s magical powers make her a pawn in the war between good and evil, a war she’s always avoided.  Declan is everything she’s been taught to fear, even if she can’t forget the memory of his touch that one night… Trouble is brewing as the powers of evil regroup – bolder and hungrier than ever – and Kate is forced to choose a side. Hot romance, epic battles and action abound in Book 2 of The Keepers.’ Click Here To Buy The Book – UK Click Here To Buy The Book – US   Author PhotAuthor Bio: I’m an avid reader and writer with a passion for writing romance novels. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, with my gorgeous husband, two beautiful children and a zoo of house pets. Besides writing, I love family time, the outdoors, travelling, watching TV series, reading and chocolate. For more information about my books, or me, please visit I can also be found here:

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If you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading one of The Keepers’ stories, you can find information on Archer, the first book, HERE and why not download the FREE prequel to the series, The Keepers: Sienna HERE.

Otherwise, enter via the Rafflecopter below for the chance to win one of two copies of Archer*

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Semblance by Logan Patricks/ Amazon sale!

Semblance by Logan Patricks is on sale  for just 99 cents on amazon, here.

You lovelies should definitely get it! I’ve been wanting to read one of Logan Patricks books for forever. I read a demo on his blog

and girls, let me tell was just the best. So take the deals when you can!! Have a great day 




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