Book Humor

I know I haven’t been posting. So to make it up to you guys, here is a little book humor. I came across this on Google earlier while looking for a bookshelf to use for a project I’m working on in my InDesign class. (Yay for college classes!!)

I’m making a magazine. I chose to make a magazine about young adult books! You don’t see those when you’re scanning through the magazine section at the store. And what better way to find out what to read next than subscribing to “Tome Terrene”?? (That’s my magazine’s name) I’ll post a couple pictures when I’m done with the project to show you lovelies how I did!

Onto the book humor! Here’s the image I saw.

It’s a human bookshelf. 🙂 The comments are even funnier:

  1. Top Shelf vs. Gravity??

  2. Richard Davies

    Is this shelf available from IKEA? I bet it’s a bugger to put together.


  3. Beth Carswell

    haha! Yes, it’s called the Noödie Shelf.

  4. Yes, This is certainly an alarming gadget to have in my collection. Does anyone have aconclusion where I can purchase it? Any guidance?

  5. I’m almost afraid to ask what they’d use as a book stopper…

  6. Beshly says hi. It’s creepy. If I was to wake up every morning to that, I would be disturbed. Very disturbed. Reminds me of the concentration camps…

  7. Richard Davies

    What would happen if you placed a hot cup of coffee on this bookshelf?



    I hope you guys enjoyed the book humor! 


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