Review: Winter at the White Oaks Lodge

Winter at the White Oaks LodgeGoodreads Description: A gorgeous stranger in an old photograph. A desperate search from another century. And a mystery that Camille Gordon cannot resist.

It has been two years since she discovered that she was going to be a teenage mother. Abandoned by her child’s father, Camille is determined that she and her daughter will make it on their own.

When she discovers an old picture in a trunk from her grandmother’s attic, Camille is at once drawn to the man in the image, standing near his horse in the light of a long-ago sunset. The haunting photo leads her to the Carters, who run the nearby White Oaks Lodge. Each clue brings her closer to her own destiny: a true love so intense that not even time can wither it

My Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

My Review: This book was weird. It was interesting.. A little too slow for my taste. Due to the fact that it took me longer than usual to get into the story.
I found that the main characters (Camille) opinions rarely matched up. For example, in one part of the book she says that nursing her child makes her feel closer and she’d rather do that then make a bottle. In another part of the story she tells loverboy that her child doesn’t like bottles so she’s basically forced into breastfeeding. Although, I didn’t recall anywhere in the book where she tried to make her baby a bottle. But in another part she says that it’s just simply easier to nurse rather than to make a bottle.
I also got a little bit sick of Camille crying all the time. I think this is partly because I just couldn’t connect with her or get myself to feel bad for her. I think she was lacking self respect. My reasons for this is because at the beginning of the book she was all about wearing the same dirty sweats and t-shirt for a week. But when loverboy comes along she suddenly cares about her appearance. In a specific part of the book she wakes up and throws on sweats and a t-shirt with her hair all wet and walks downstairs claiming she doesn’t care whether it gets tangled. But then she hears loverboy’s car coming up the driveway she runs back upstairs and combs her hair out, puts on jeans, and a nice sweater. I believe that you need to love yourself in order for anybody else to.
It was sad to me and it also made it difficult for me to enjoy the book.
The ending is what got me the most, though. I was madly disappointed. There were plenty of things left unsaid.

I did enjoy loverboy. And I loved how the whole town was basically one big family. And even Camille’s family was always bringing joy to everything. I liked how her family stuck by her side and helped her through everything. I also liked how her family was a big part of the book. Nowadays it’s rare for me to read a book that the main characters family is involved in. I think the author did a great job in portraying how important family is.
If you are looking for a slow, heartfelt romance to curl up and read, this may be the book for you. 🙂


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