100th Post! And Memes?

Yay!! I wrote my hundredth blog post yesterday. I guess technically speaking, this is my 101 blog post. But still!! I thought I should say that I’m totally excited that I kept up with my blog for this long .You can ask anyone who knows me. I quit everything I start. So this is a really big deal, I love books and I want to keep blogging. I have a fear of getting blogger fatigue! I don’t want that day to come when I have to push myself to blog… But I really hope to stick with this. It’s been 5 months of me blogging.

I’m thinking about doing meme’s later on in the month because it seems like my blog only consists of reviews and blog tours. So I’m debating on whether I should spice it up a little bit. I also want to start “vlogging”. That is what it’s called, right? Video blogging, just talk about books that I’ve discovered that week or books I’m looking forward to, something like that.

If I do end up doing the memes, I’m still going to have to wait until I figure out a way to fix the damn blog.

Speaking of fixing it, if anyone knows how to get the sidebar actually on the side, then I would love to know! I’ve been scavenging the internet trying to find a way to get posts off of my footer and sidebar. I have no idea what’s wrong with it, either. So any ideas on how to fix that, or where I should go to learn how to fix it. And ideas on what memes I should start doing, or anything else I should do on my blog?


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