15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 8 & 9

Sorry, guys! I really thought I was doing good, too.. I just can’t seem to get a 3 day streak.

Anyways, for those of you who don’t know what the 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge is it’s hosted by April at Good Books and Good Wine, so go over there and check it out!

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!

  1. Appearance: The blog has to look at least a little bit well taken care of. It’s kind of like your home. You have to make it look nice for the company. Which means the company has to be comfortable at your blog, it should be easy on the eyes and even more easier to find things.
  2. Search: Search boxes are very helpful. If I’m looking for a specific post on your blog and you don’t have a search box then it’s likely that I will just go look on a different blog.
  3. Fast Loading: And by fast loading I mean as fast as my computer can load. Which isn’t very fast but it just makes it slower when there’s a ton of moving crap clustered on the sidebars. And different graphics.
  4. No sound: My computer loads slow enough as it is. Sound makes it freeze up. Not to mention it scares the hell out of me. Please no sound or music.
  5. Following: The follow buttons should all be together, and easy to find. It irks me when I have to go all the way down to the bottom of the page just to find a follow button. It almost makes me just want to forget about it.
  6. Rants: I love to hear other people rant about books. Sometimes I think it’s just me and I know that some people don’t like rants, it isn’t professional or something. I love them, though!
  7. Personality: I love knowing that the person behind the blog isn’t a robot! That the person is in fact a friendly human with a great sense of humor.
  8. CAPTCHA: Sometimes I don’t even post my comment because of this stupid thing. Bloggers, you can remove this!
  9. Consistency: It’s nice to give your followers something to actually look at. It’s really sad when I see that a blogger hasn’t posted anything for a few weeks. I think it makes the blog sad too. It makes him feel abandoned, smh.
  10. Comment: I like to see that the blogger is interested in what their followers have to say. One way of doing that is by replying to their comments.
  11. Grammar: I get that we all have typos. But when there’s a line of misspelled words… This irks me. I am a grammar Nazi! Do you hear me? Grammar. Nazi. I have to force myself not to correct other people’s posts and comments because I see a misspelled word. I don’t like being rude, neither do I want to come across as rude.
  12. Color: Bright colors are fine. I actually encourage the use of bright colors, but I don’t like black and white or just really dark colored blogs, which makes it hard to read.
  13. Font: This goes along with appearance. If you have a fancy font, make sure it’s readable. Especially for people who can’t see… Or needs glasses but doesn’t wear them. Haha guilty.
  14. About Me: I like to look at the bloggers about me. I don’t know if that’s weird or not but you never know! That could be your next best friend.
  15. Vlogs: This is definitely not a requirement. I just enjoy listening to my fellow bloggers talk about books over Youtube, or anywhere else but their blog for a change (: The Hardcover Obsession does some pretty cool book talks over YouTube! I’m itching to do that, but I have so much going on. I’m planning to do it next month, for sure!

Next is explaining why I blog about books.  Day 9

This one is going to be quick because it’s pretty simple. I’m a booklover. I believe I’ll love books until the day I die, and maybe even in the afterlife, too! I just feel the need to share my love of books with the world. And my little group of friends wasn’t enough people, so I made this blog in attempt to get others to read about all the awesome books I’m fortunate enough to read 🙂


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