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Book Title: Soul Awareness
Author: Carol Murto
Release Date: June 5, 2013
Genre: Spirituality, Healing, Alternative
Publisher: GMTA Publishing LLC
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


Soul Awareness – A Spiritual Awakening to Self-Knowledge and Healing, offers tools that are appropriate for the beginner who is exploring the process of their deeper Spirituality and the function of the Soul as well as individuals who may have been exploring their Soul connection and Spirituality for a life time. “Soul Awareness” offers uncomplicated and easy to use healing tools including; written meditations and pictorial guides. With these tools alone, each individual will develop a deeper sense of self and can begin to experience healing at its deepest level.

In “Soul Awareness”, we discover how the Soul communicates with each individual directly offering us personal direction. It is how we respond to this direction that sets us on the path of our own healing or ill health. In “Soul Awareness” we learn that unless Soul healing takes place we can become ill on all levels; the physical, mental, psychological and Spiritual. It is through our awareness first, that we are able to make a conscious choice about our own healing which ultimately determines our outcome. We also learn that without this healing our own personal journey is not clear. What our purpose is – why we came to this planet in the first place – can become lost in the maze of disconnection and wounding of the Soul. As we first become aware of our Soul – who we truly are – we can then choose our path of healing.



Divinity plays a part in whole healing that is second to none. As you work towards this alignment you will experience yourself change, and even your perception of the world around you changes – for the better.
Our feelings, what we have come to define as emotions, are sourced from the Divine and it is in the realm of feeling/emotions where injury has taken place. Because these injuries have worked to create our separation from God, it is imperative that we heal the injuries themselves and as we do so we align more deeply with God. The Divine/God also supports us because God longs for the connection. Remember, God never wanted the separation and very much wants our connection. Again love is the carrier and the healer.
When we heal from an old emotional injury – space is created for us to let in/receive love. So where that injury was – that space can now be filled with love – God Energy – and we are more connected to God and we realize and remember on the Higher Conscious Mind/Soul level that we have been with the Creator in the Heavenly realm. We may not remember it consciously, but our Soul knows.
The more that we open up and free ourselves from emotional/Soul injury the more we are able to manifest a relationship with God and with self. In our new reality we come to understand that nothing else matters as much or is as important as this connection because we stand so strongly in Love that the pain of injustice is not carried within us any longer and our personal limitations melt away. We are so filled with Love that we become that – Love itself. We experience the Love in others to extents that we have never experienced Love before. And the compassion we feel for others is deep and yet dispassionate in the sense that we are disconnected from their personal injury. In other words we will Love without taking in another’s pain, without taking in injury and we will not carry judgment. We will
– you will – see God in others as never before and you will Love unconditionally.

Carol grew up in a small town in Northern Minnesota. At a young age she realized that her family home held spirits. Although a practical child by nature, because she held the gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, psychic and empathic abilities she was open to that which could not be seen or understood by many. After years of living with these spirits Carol chose to communicate with them in an effort to create harmony in the household. Additionally, with these gifts, Carol’s awareness, care and compassion for others was expressed at an early age. People were naturally drawn to her and they consistently opened up their hearts and minds within minutes of meeting. Her experiences with animals – companion or otherwise has been similar to her connection with humans. This has remained true throughout her lifetime.

The experiences of those early years were an indication of what was to come in the future for Carol and they were the first steps in preparation for her healing work.

As an adult, she took employment in a traditional field. After working a number of years for the government, she became seriously physically ill with a diagnosis of systemic lupus. This bodily wake up call led her to seek out alternative forms of healing, and so she began her journey; her journey of self healing and awareness. She developed an understanding of Spirituality and her connection to the Divine. She studied Qi Gong, Quantum Healing and hypnotherapy. She learned in her journey that ultimately it is the Soul itself that plays an integral and undeniable part in our human journey and it is the health of the Soul that directly affects our whole health as human beings.

Carol has been working as an alternative healer for 16 years and has worked with hundreds of client’s and has accumulated as many session letters and testimonials which support and document her healing work. She is the author and teacher of her Soul Awareness Class materials, and has designed, written and constructed her business website. In addition to teaching her Soul Awareness classes and doing her healing work, she holds public healing forums and hosts prayer/healing gatherings. She has also co authored a series of middle grade novels.
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