Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans Review

20130706-171414.jpgGoodreads Description: In this gripping exploration of a futuristic afterlife, a teen discovers that death is just the beginning.

Since her untimely death the day before her eighteenth birthday, Felicia Ward has been trapped in Level 2, a stark white afterlife located between our world and the next. Along with her fellow drones, Felicia passes the endless hours reliving memories of her time on Earth and mourning what she’s lost-family, friends, and Neil, the boy she loved.

Then a girl in a neighboring chamber is found dead, and nobody but Felicia recalls that she existed in the first place. When Julian-a dangerously charming guy Felicia knew in life-comes to offer Felicia a way out, Felicia learns the truth: If she joins the rebellion to overthrow the Morati, the angel guardians of Level 2, she can be with Neil again.

Suspended between Heaven and Earth, Felicia finds herself at the center of an age-old struggle between good and evil. As memories from her life come back to haunt her, and as the Morati hunt her down, Felicia will discover it’s not just her own redemption at stake… but the salvation of all mankind.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

My Thoughts: At the beginning we don’t really know much except for the fact that the protagonist, Felicia is stuck in dimension where people die called “Level 2”. Maybe I was just slow but I didn’t really get that there were other levels until the book said it. I kind of think the author should have explained that at the beginning of the book instead of the middle. I also did not like that some questions went unanswered at the end of the book, and I know that there is supposed to be a 2nd book..but these questions seemed mandatory.

Besides that I think the book was going at a not too fast, not too slow type of pace. It was slow enough to get the readers to think what’s coming next but fast enough not to bore them.

I also became a fan of both Julian and Neil. But I fell more for Neil because he is the perfect boy (which I fall for). I have to admit, I’m not one to fall for the bad boy because he’s always the one that ends up breaking your heart and I can’t help but sneer at the girl for crying over the boy when you could clearly see he is a heartbreaker.

I had a neutral relationship with Felicia, which is good! Because most girl characters I immediately dislike because they’re either stupid and clueless, or weak when they are supposed to be strong. Or both! If it’s both then everything the character does starts to annoy me.. But Felicia was ok. A little bit better than ok, only because of the fact that she was hell-bent on getting back Neil.


Also, I was bummed that we never found out who killed Autumn. And I have to say I love the name Autumn.

We also never found out entirely what happened to Becca. Where did she go after dying, since she didn’t disappear? Will Felicia see her in Level 3??

Nonetheless, I can’t wait for the next book to come out! I will be waiting 🙂


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  1. lenore appelhans
    Jul 07, 2013 @ 19:38:39

    You will definitely find out who killed Autumn in the sequel, CHASING BEFORE.

    Thanks for reading!


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