The Fallen Star (Fallen Star #1) by Jessica Sorensen Review

11051889[1]Goodreads Description:

For eighteen year-old Gemma, life has never been normal. Up until recently, she has been incapable of feeling emotion. And when she’s around Alex, the gorgeous new guy at school, she can feel electricity that makes her skin buzz. Not to mention the monsters that haunt her nightmares have crossed over into real-life. But with Alex seeming to hate her and secrets popping up everywhere, Gemma’s life is turning into a chaotic mess. Things that shouldn’t be real suddenly seem to exist. And as her world falls apart, figuring out the secrets of her past becomes a matter of life and death

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!!

My Thoughts:

I zoomed through this book. I was surprised how fast I went threw it. It’s 416 pages but it felt like a 200 page book and before I knew it, it was over. I was disappointed that the book had ended. It’s the type of book you can’t put down after you’ve picked it up. It was perfect for me because it kept moving forward at a steady pace throughout the whole book. It also has astronomy in it, which I looooooooove. So it immediately caught my interest, plus the cover is amazing. Though the main character (Gemma) is a little on the stupid side, I fell in love with her. And Alex…let’s just say he wasn’t on my good side. But I think it’s just me, everyone falls in love with the hot cocky bad boy, right? He was just a little too cocky for me. It was agitating. Anyways, I recommend this to paranormal/fantasy book lovers and I will be sure to read the sequel!


Now introducing my new book boyfriend!! Layden ❤

He was about five or six inches taller than me, which meant he was really tall-six foot at least. His blond hair swept across his forehead, the tips dyed a bright blue that matched the shade of his eyes. A silver ring hooped the bottom of his dark red lips. He wore a grey t-shirt, black jeans, and biker boots. Black symbols tattooed a foreign language of some kind. Greek maybe?



It was also really weird how often they said the word “heck” in the book. I was surprised that near the end of the book the author used the word “hell”. It was a bit annoying, probably because I’m used to everyone just saying whatever they want, and “heck” didn’t seem to fit.

Now to talk about Gemma. I think she is a little bit on the stupid side.. I mean I understand that she was let in the dust, wasn’t told anything or could remember anything about her past, and had bad social skills. But it doesn’t take a freakin’ rocket scientist to figure out that Alex is a liar! I think she’s stupid because she was continuously giving Alex information that he sure as hell didn’t need to be hearing. And frankly I think it was way too much information. I also think she’s an idiot for not figuring out that the little girl in ALL of her visions were her. I was also agitated by the way she acted around Alex, I do get that she hasn’t experienced love but she couldn’t hide anything from him. All because he flashed a stupid smile at her..

And Alex is a major dick. I think what he was telling Stephen about it being hard for him to lie to Gemma was a bunch of bull. He needed to get his emotions in check before he started messing with Gemma’s. And then right before she got her emotions wiped out he decided it was a good idea to kiss her. Yeah, I don’t like Alex. If you can’t already tell. Plus, how Alex treated Gemma like he owned her, like she was a piece of property.






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