Fierce Reads Book Signing!!

I went to the Fierce Reads book signing last week down in Highlands Ranch! I was really nervous since that was the first book signing I’ve ever been to. But it was *in sing-song voice* ahhh-mazingg (:
I had fun and I was really super sad I got there when it was almost over, due to going to the wrong book store. But there are up sides to everything! I got pictures with the beautiful authors since I was one of the last ones there. (Don’t mind my awkwardness)photo 4
 I also have the books 🙂 I do not have Monument 14 but I will get it! My best friend read it and said it was awesome. So I will HAVE to  get it, sadly I won’t have it signed.. I’m just happy I met the author. I was a little mad that my friend didn’t tell me she read it or else I would’ve taken her up there with me. I also have a little extra stuff I got.
Monument 14 stickers that I am  totally putting on my computer.. “Steel Is Earned” pin from Shadow and Bone. Of Poseidon and Of Triton signed bookmarks.  I also have a Fierce Read bookmark, I was going to ask the authors if they would all sign it but I forgot. I was so out of it that day. The night before I pulled an all-nighter and I didn’t get any sleep. So I practically showed up as a zombie.
photo 2
So for missing the authors speeches I was going to go to their next book signing out in Boulder. I was getting ready at noon and since I’ve been wearing my hair natural I decided I had enough time to straighten my hair. It took six hours for me to do that -_- and I lost track of time and completely missed that book signing. Was it worth it? Hecks no! But did I get my hair straightened?
  There it is, folks. You can be the deciders to that..
I’m glad I at least got to meet the intelligent minds behind the books. I’ve always wanted to go to a book signing and though I may not have been to all of the event, I witnessed some of it and I was not disappointed. I’ve been wanting to read [Un]remembered  since it came out, and I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about Siege and Storm. I also loveeee greek mythology type books, and dystopian books for that matter. Plus my best friend read Monument 14. So I think this was the perfect book signing for me!
Comment below! (: Has anyone read any of these books? If so, are they good?? Have you read the sequel?

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