Armchair BEA Day 5-Keeping It Real and Children’s/ YA Fiction

The last day of BEA..I’m super sad and can’t wait for next year! It’s been a blast, since it’s my first time participating. I hope someday I can go to the actual event in New York.
So, keeping it real. I believe I have been “keeping it real”. I post about every other day. If not everyday. I comment back to most of the comments I get, and I’m genuinely interested with what my followers have to say. Though I’ve only been blogging for a few months, I think I’ve got the basics down and I have a few blogger buddies. I also have authors that I would consider being close to.

I think what keeps my followers coming back is the quality work and honesty I put into my reviews. Most people would think it’s the giveaways, but giveaways don’t really work for me. I still do them occasionally but that only brings a person to your blogpost to enter. It’s less likely for the person to actually come back to your blog, though.

I started blogging thinking that no one will notice my blog and it wouldn’t be a hobby I was going to stick to. It turns out that I love blogging, but I still blog for me more than anyone. And that’s what I think other bloggers should do, too! (:

Now for children’s books..I used to love picture books :p I still do. But I more look at the pictures than the words because my attention is drawn to young adult books. YA books is what I read on a regular day. I do venture out and read other genres, but my heart belongs to the young adult genre.


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  2. Deb Marshall
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 16:07:55

    Here here to the YA genre and glad for blogs such as yours. Now that I don’t work with teens as much as I used to I find myself getting behind in what to recommend, what to read. I tool am looking forward to the day I get to head to BEA!


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