Dancing With Statues by Caroline Doherty de Novoa Review

17619718[1]Goodreads Review: Will our history always define us?
What does it take to move on from a tragic past?
These are questions Laura has been avoiding since she was fifteen, since that day ten years ago when her mother took her own life. Until she meets Miguel, a lawyer investigating a horrific bombing that took place days before her mother’s death, towards the end of the Northern Irish “Troubles”.

When Miguel starts to pursue her, she initially resists. With her housebound father completely dependent on her, and Miguel returning to his native Colombia in six months’ time, she’s convinced any relationship with him would ultimately bring her pain. However, with his charm and persistence, she can’t stop herself from falling, despite her better judgment.

Initially, his love gives her hope for a brighter future. But when he starts delving into the past, asking questions about her mother and the circumstances surrounding her death, their relationship begins to unravel and Laura is finally forced to revisit her family’s history in search of answers of her own.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

My thoughts: This was a very interesting book. At first I thought it would be cliché. You know, a close friend or relative dies, so the main character struggles to get though. Then a stunning guy or girl struts in the main characters life and helps then get through the death.
BUT this was different. I was interested from the beginning of the book to the end. And Miguel is quite the charmer. I liked how he wasn’t interested in any other girls while he was in the small town( with one exception).
The only problem I had was that the cover of the book does not correspond with the two main people in the book. Laura is supposed to have long dark hair and pale skin. The woman on the cover is not pale, in fact the man is more pale than the woman, which leads me to Miguel. Miguel is NOT supposed to be pale, he is supposed to look Columbian, a little bit dark. Hell! I would be ok with a tanned white man but the guy on the cover looks like a vampire. Miguel is supposed to have thick, dark curly hair. The man on the cover looks the exact opposite as Miguel.
I did like how the cover intertwines with the title which goes with an event in the book.

Spoilers: page 83. I was very surprised to see that the title actually had something to do with the book. Nowadays people are writing stories about (for example) the economy and then labeling their book Plastic Sheep’s.

I have knowledge that Miguel is about an inch taller than Laura. I couldn’t help to comment on the fact that that is the PERFECT height for a guy to be. I hate it when they’re towering over you. Which happens most of the time for me because I’m short, a whooping 5’2! So most of the guys I’m with end up resembling a giraffe because of me. Or a New York skyscraper. Haha, do you like my similes?

Page 135 was a ball of emotions for me. A really good quote from that page:

“..not unrequited love but regret is the cruelest of human emotions.” -Miguel



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