The City of Silver Light (Book 1 of The Bridges Trilogy) Giveaway

City of Light

Goodreads Book Description: On a night of frost and ice, she falls from the sky, the beautiful ice-girl Cari, cast out of her world and into ours.

It’s an unusually cold Winter, but 15 year old Jake is more concerned with  the ice forming in his dad’s new relationship and the fact that the girl he likes is dating his best friend.

And now his elderly neighbour is acting even weirder than usual. Could things get even more confusing?

Then Jake finds Cari, lost and alone. Who is she? What has she got to do  with the sudden frost, and the wondrous silver city that has appeared in the sky? And what does his elderly neighbour, Mrs Henders know about it all?

Jake is determined to find out. But the secrets Cari bears  are more dangerous than Jake can ever imagine. And the fate of our  entire world – and that of the City of Silver Light – now rest in their  hands.

A giveaway for this book:


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